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Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy

Eva McAlister MPT, ATC, LAT established Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy in summer of 2007 with the ambition to provide highly skilled physical therapy services. Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy can develop individual protocols ranging from sports and orthopedic injuries, physical disabilities or accidental physical detriment.

Enjoy the competent physical therapy professionals of Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy in Jacksonville, FL when recovering from your sports injuries,orthopedic injuries and procedures, automobile accidents, or any physical deconditioning. Atlantic Coast Physical Therapy uses diverse treatment methods such as myofacial release, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, electrical modalities, neuromuscular education and balance training. We take every available direction at restoring your mobility and confidence as soon as possible. Our specialties include treating people with sports injuries, work injuries, car accident injuries, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, arthritic conditions affecting the hands, arms and legs.

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